Sustainable management of the environment is increasingly important because the environment is under pressure.

CEIC is an independent international oriented company that focusses on environmental related issues. Key words are temperate peat, tropical peat, wetlands, carbon balances, greenhouse gas balances, carbon accounting, methodlogy development, sustainable management, oil palm.

Arina Schrier got her master degree in soils science, hydrology and meteorology with the specialisation soil at the Wageningen University (Netherlands) and the University of Saskatchewan (Canada). For her PHd study she compared carbon- and greenhouse gas balances in temperate peat areas under various management. She worked with chamber based and eddy covariance techniques to measure greenhouse gases and used different approaches for temporal and spatial upscaling of small scale flux measurements.

Since 2010 she is owner of CEIC and provides science based advice. She is working for non-governmental and governmental companies (e.g Wetlands International, Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil, Quantis).


Wetlands International
WI Indonesia